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Sterilizer Manufacturer:
Market Forge
Model of Sterilizer:
Market Forge STM-EL
Problem Title:
Drop in pressure at the end of a cycle, on a random basis
Problem Description:
For some reason on a random basis, the sterilizer drops pressure dramatically near the end of a cycle. The seal and valve both appear okay. Why would this be happening?

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1. In that failure case, when you opened the door, did any water remaining inside the chamber or not?

I guess, the answer is No. There was no any water remaining inside the chamber.

If this is the case, then you need to find out where the steam went. Mostly the problem is from the steam trap.

By the way, I assume that the timer was working properly, each time, you got the same time. We had experience for some old Market Forge, sometimes, the timer might not work properly each cycle. That might be another reason.

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