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Problem with reset
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I have a Ritter Speedclave and while it is heated up and up to pressure it trips the reset on it and a few times it will reset then after a bit you can't reset it but if you hold the reset botton in it will stay on but you have to hold the botton. Do you think if i replace the reset on it that will fix it?

Thanx Josh
1. You need to leave it off, let it cool and then open to see how much water is left in the chamber. How long of a cycle are you running and at what point does it kick off? Do you have any steam or water leakage?


1. This is the part you may need. You may need other parts depending on if the sterilizer is leaking and losing pressure during a cycle. A bad fill vent valve, heater gasket, door gasket, bellows or door washer can cause a low water contion that will activate the overheat protector or the overheat protector itself can be bad.

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