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Sterilizer Manufacturer:
Model of Sterilizer:
Prestige 210006
Problem Title:
Autoclave not working
Problem Description:
I am a medical Esthetician and bought a Prestige 2100 Classic steam autoclave through the Universal Companies catalog a couple years ago. The autoclave has stopped running through its cycle. It keeps getting hotter without shutting off. What can be done to repair this?
Thank you.


1. Please call Buddy 1-800-762-1586 ext 216 to see if he can trouble shoot this over the phone. If not, you will be asked to ship it in.

The technical information is just to help sterilizer users as reference to do their trouble shooting.
no guarranty implied. For each specific technical help to do with sterilizers
or autoclaves, go to ... or call 1-800-801-9934 Contact Us