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Sterilizer Manufacturer:
Scican Statim
Model of Sterilizer:
Statim 5000
Problem Title:
cassette is hard to remove
Problem Description:
we cannot remove the cassette after the cicle finish,what we can check?

1. Kinked or pinched exhaust tubing,clogged venturi in the left rear of the cassette. Solenoid valve failing to open, no power to slenoid coil.


1. Fix exhaust tubing. Clean venturi in in cassette tray. Disassemble solenoid valve and check that plunger glides smoothly in plunger tube. Check for voltage at solenoid. Check for line voltage at terminals J1-7 & J1-8. Check resistance of solenoid coil by connecting in the diode checking scale and reverse leads to check for same resistance in both directions.

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