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Sterilizer Manufacturer:
Hirayama Sterilizer
Model of Sterilizer:
Problem Title:
Hirayama Sterilizer HVE-50- reset the main switch breaker
Problem Description:
I have a HVE-50 autoclave that has failed. The unit heats up to the required 121 degrees C as it is supposed to. It then switches to the sterilizer mode and displays the 20 minute cycle time. The main switch/breaker on the side of the unit trips and turns off the entire unit after about 10 seconds into the sterilization cycle. The main/switch breaker can not be reset until the unit cools down for a period of time.
1. The problem could be either the heater and/or the circuit breaker.


1. The circuit breaker has a GFCI and is rated to 30mA. If the heater has current leakage of greater than 30mA, then it would trip. Tripping at a higher temp could indicate that the current leakage is greater at a higher temperature. I have come across tripping at a higher temperature (50C-60C), but not at room temperature. If there is no current leakage from the heater over the temperature range of roomt temperature to 126C, it is not likely that the circuit breaker operates normally at room temperature and not at 126C. Of course, anything can happen, but I am telling you what is more likely than the other.

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