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Sterilizer Manufacturer:
Market Forge
Model of Sterilizer:
Market Forge STM-E
Problem Title:
Market Forge sterilizer - will not reach 15psi
Problem Description:
I use a Market Forge STMEL S# 95-3441.

It will not reach 15psi, usualy reaching 12-13psi, there is as well a steady relese of steam from the rear of the sterilizer.

It will make temp, run a cycle,long or short, and not melt the test probes.
1. From the model: STMEL in your question, it means your Market Forget has a temperature adjustable controller on the machine. In my understand of your question, even you set the temperature to 250F, the machine could not build pressure to 15 PSI (as it should), instead, you can only get 12-13 PSI.

This might be caused by the steam trap, which is too open. It causes too much steam fled out of the chamber, and the chamber can not build a high pressure and temperature.
2. In few case, it also may be caused by the pressure switches, which is out of calibration. or the pressure switch controller.


1. From your email, it seems the problem was caused by the steam trap, which needs to replace
2. If the steam trap is not the reason, then you need to check and change the pressure switches and the pressure switch controller. After the change, you may need to do a calibration to make sure:
1) The pressure settings are correct.
2) The 2 power contacts are working properly in the on/off order.

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