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Sterilizer Manufacturer:
MDT Sterilizer
Model of Sterilizer:
Harvey Hydroclave SC8
Problem Title:
MDT Hydraclave SC8 - No pressure
Problem Description:
The machine would not pressurize.
1. There are many reasons for the no pressure, such as: heater out of work, leaking from the gasket, leaking from the metering valve, ... etc.


1. The customer's discription on the problem is very limited. We do not know the model of the machine. We can give a general reply as follows. It is very hard to know exactly the problem. We need to know WHEN the machine can not build pressure.

1) If the machine can not build pressure at all from the beginning, you need to check the power supply first to make sure the power light on. Then you need to check to make sure there is enough chemical solution in the reservior. Then you need to check the heating elements to make sure the heating elements are in working condition. If the heating element is out of work, then need to replace it.

2) If the machine can not build pressure after starting, you need to make sure there is no leaking somewhere. Mostly the leaking is at the metering valve (to check it, you need to remove the cover, a qualified technician needed.)
You can also check the door, to make sure the door is closed properly. also make sure the door gasket is in good condition.

3) If you need further help, please contact us at 1-800-801-9934, a factory estimation is recommended.

The technical information is just to help sterilizer users as reference to do their trouble shooting.
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