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Sterilizer Manufacturer:
MDT Sterilizer
Model of Sterilizer:
Harvey Hydroclave SC8
Problem Title:
MDT Harvey Hydroclave SC8 - turns on, but nothing happens
Problem Description:
I recently purchased a Harvey Hydroclave SC8 - it is supposed to be in working condition but was purchased as-is. It will turn on and the digital temperature guage will read, but nothing happens when I push the start button.


1. This electronic sterilizer will be almost impossible to diagnose this unit on the phone. Also, you should know that this sterilzier is no longer being manufactured for several years. Most parts (especially the electronc parts) are no longer available.

If you were told correctly that the sterilzier was working before shipment, then it is possible that something happened during shipping.

I could have one of our local technical repair guy stop by tomorrow and see what can be done. Would you want that? I have 4 service gus located anywhere from 13 to 40 miles away from your hospital. I can see who's available tomorrow. How urgent do you want someone to come?

p.s. I hope you didn't pay much for this Harvey SC8 ... this sterilzier really wasn't meant for you. What were you using until now?

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