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Napco sterilizer model 9000 Steam Leak
Problem Description:
When our autoclave is running, steam/bubbles start to leak through the
door. I checked the seal and there doesn't seem to be any cracks in
it. Before a run, I make sure to close and push hard on all areas of
the door for a complete seal. While holding it in, I lock the door and
run the cycle.
Why does it continually leak/spit out steam? What do you recommend that
I check/do?


1. You have done all the checking and testing work on the door for this leaking already. Where is the exactly location of the leaking coming from, by the edge of door, or somewhere else, such as: the gauges' connections?
What I can suggest for your case, is to check how long you have ran this sterilizer with its gasket. The problem might be from the door gasket, which is hard to make sure by a visual checking. As the gasket gets old, the rubber becomes harder and therefore does not seal well. Also check for any debris on the chamber where the gasket seals and clean with scotch-brite.

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